"Palooka the Clown" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Hey kiddies, Palooka the Clown wants you play with you. He has a spot for each of you in his haunted big top, right alongside his other unfortunate victims. Caged, force-fed and sporadically beaten for months, Palooka waits until you're fat and tenderized before slow-roasting you over a roaring fire. As the days and nights cycle by, you hear his out of tune calliope playing a devilish dirge, and ponder your impending demise. You curse the day this wicked circus came to town, and drift off to a nightmare-filled sleep.

With the Palooka the Clown Halloween mask from The Horror Dome, you'll have a professional-quality design that's hand painted and haired for an amazingly lifelike look. Palooka features a fiendish smile, rows of rotting teeth, fiery red locks and classic clown face paint. An original design, this mask is truly a work of macabre art.

Have a neighbor, family member or friend who suffers from coulrophobia? You'll send shivers down their spine dressed as this berserk bonzo. Make the neighborhood kids think twice about approaching your porch in search of candy, or star in your own indie horror flick with these realistic-looking over the head masks.

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