OLDE PIRATE Animated Fortune Teller Machine

"Olde Pirate" Animatronic Fortune Teller Machine

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Shiver me timbers, matey. This Olde Pirate is done with a life on the sea. While studying the dark arts on a voyage to voodoo-practicing islands in the Caribbean, our criminal captain learned a few demonic tricks, including how to predict the future. Now, he's traded in his sea legs for a seat in the fortune teller's booth. Think long and hard about exactly what you want to know before you approach this soothsaying sailor. The Olde Pirate the Fortune Teller Halloween animatronic is a fun and interactive display. It accepts coins and bills, and it's great way to earn a little extra revenue and keep guests entertained while they wait to enter your haunted house, or hop on the scary hayride. Hand crafted by the brilliant designers at The Horror Dome, this attractive prop looks like it was plucked from a traveling carnival, or a hall of haunted antiques.