"Old Woman" Soft Latex Halloween Mask

"Old Woman" Mask

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Granny was old when you were a kid, and she's still old, now that you're an adult. Looking back at family photos, she always seemed to be up there in years. How is it possible that we've all grown older, but Grandma stays the same? You start to get curious and snoop through her attic. Suddenly you find it, an occult manual for living forever. Too bad Granny didn't stumble upon this ancient text until she was already 80!

The Old Woman super soft latex mask from The Horror Dome features an attached wig with curly grey hair. This movie-quality design is perfect for dressing up as an old lady for Halloween. Whether you're teaming up with a group of friends and going as senior serial killers, or just trying to sneak into that breakfast buffet at the old folks home, you'll find this mask is up to the task. Hand detailed for maximum realism, this over the head mask features realistic looking wrinkles. If you dare, wear it and look in the mirror. It'll be like looking into the future.

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