"Nightmare Black Widow" Halloween Wig

"Nightmare Black Widow" Halloween Wig

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Famous for a lethal bite, the Black Widow has seen her fair share of men come and go... into the grave. To this sinister spinster infected with the vampire curse, humans are just playthings; dumb sacks of meat that are used for entertainment, a quick snack, and then discarded. If you find yourself invited to a dinner party, politely decline. If you attend, you may find yourself on the menu.

Create a fabulous character this season with a Nightmare Black Widow wig from The Horror Dome. This eye-catching black and red colored wig features both loose and tightly curled hair, teased for maximum volume. With bangs cut in an intimidating, yet seductive widow's peak, this one of a kind design is ideal for any vampire, modern witch, or baleful bachelorette costume.

Whether you're greeting kids at the front door and handing out candy, hosting a creepy cocktail party at you abode, or taking a hot date to the masquerade ball, you'll find it's easy to craft a dark and disturbing, yet ravishingly attractive outfit with this cinema-quality prop. Bring one home today, and get your creative juices flowing.