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Bad luck is banging on your door. It's in the form of a dark, red-cloaked specter named Crimson Ruin, and he's coming to collect your soul. Don't bother trying to plead for mercy, he won't take no for an answer. Fear the Wraith, and feel the wrath of his fury. Halloween Costume comes complete with Deluxe Over Sized Mask, Hand/Arm Extenders and Costume. NIGHT TERROR COSTUMES MAKE YOU UP TO 1 FOOT TALLER! NIGHT TERROR Halloween Costumes are Deluxe Oversized Halloween Costumes designed to send a shiver down the bravest spines. Each Halloween Costume comes complete with a deluxe oversized Halloween Mask which is detailed and designed to add and extra 12 inches to your height (making a 6 foot person 7 feet tall!