"Crimson Ruin" HD Studios Night Terror Halloween Costume

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Beware this fiendish, macabre monk, who paces the halls of old, decrepit buildings at night, screeching in never-ending pain and anger, and thirsting for fresh human flesh. Is he a possessed Druid priest, risen from the dead? A murderer or thief, damned by an eternal curse as punishment for his crimes? Perhaps he's evil incarnate; the physical manifestation of the darkness that lies in each of us. You feel a chill enter the room and the lights start to flicker. On your shoulder rests a boney finger. Before you can turn around, you hear the crack of your own neck, and your vision fades to black. Feature an oversized mask, a blood red robe, and hand/arm extenders, the Night Terror Crimson Halloween costume is an original design by The Horror Dome. Night Terror costumes are expertly crafted for a shockingly realistic look, and add a full foot to your height, thus making any reasonably tall adult appear monstrously huge.

Night Terror Crimson Includes:

  • Deluxe Oversized Mask
  • Hand/Arm Extenders and Costume

The Night Terror Crimson is a halloween costume offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.