"Mystic Sorcerer" Value Halloween Costume (Adult Size)

"Mystic Sorcerer" Costume (Adult Size)

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On the winter solstice, a group of dark priests meets deep in the snow-covered woods. They torture and sacrifice a goat in the name of their evil lord. In return, Satan himself watches over them for the rest of the year. They receive good fortune and protection from harm; but in the end, their souls will be damned for all eternity. Will you be tempted by the promise of untold riches?

Cast a spell on your friends with the Mystic Sorcerer Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. Whether you're LARPing as a powerful wizard or trick or treating dressed as a minister of the occult, you'll find this full body costume gives you a cinema-quality look. The Mystic Sorcerer costume features a long dark brown robe with creepy drop sleeves, a hood with a cape-type collar, and a brown belt. It's all you need to hit that costume party or lead a seance. Add a new twist to your haunted house attraction with this mystical sage. This costume is made from durable fabric and designed to fit adult males. Choose from size medium, large, and XL.

Medium fits sizes 38-40.
Large fits chest 42-44.
XL fits chest 46-48.