"Mrs. Snowman" Professional Mascot Costume

"Mrs. Snowman" Professional Mascot Suit

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When the first snowfall hits the ground, Mrs. Snowman emerges from her slumber to welcome guests into a winter wonderland. Friendly, and inviting, she shows them around her frosty paradise. From ice skating to tobogganing, to starting a snowball fight, or enjoying a cup of warm cocoa, there's always fun to be had in wintertime. Ride on a horse-drawn sleigh with jangly bells, or build a sculpture out of snow. Let Mrs. Snowman be your guide, and enjoy this unique season.

The Mrs. Snowman mascot costume from The Horror Dome is a professional-quality design that is perfect for entertaining guests, especially young children. This costume features a white jumpsuit with matching mitts and feet, an oversized snowman head adorned with a mop-style hat, an apron and scarf. Throw a Christmas or holiday celebration at your haunted house attraction and discover a new revenue stream during the winter months, or put on a show for schools, offices, and church groups. Have a meet and greet (and photo op) with Mrs. Snowman at your place of business. It's a great way to make connections with new clients, while doing something fun for kids in the community.

White acrylic faux fur jumpsuit with matching mitts, feet, and oversized head. Also includes mobcap, apron and scarf. One size fits most adults. Copyright Alinco Inc.