"Mouse Skeleton" Animal Prop

"Mouse Skeleton" Animal Prop

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Something killed this rascally rodent in his tracks years ago. Almost frozen in time, his fur, skin, blood and guts slowly decayed until nothing was left but his bone-white skeleton. It makes you wonder, how long has it been since there was a living thing in this chamber? And more grimly, what was it that murdered this creepy critter?

The Standing Mouse Skeleton Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a somewhat cute, somewhat ghastly prop that will help you set the scene this holiday season. Whether you're putting the finishing touches on a dungeon set for your commercial haunted house or indie movie shoot, or just looking to get the right atmosphere in your home for a spooky costume party, this little vermin will to the trick.

This realistic mouse-sized skeleton is almost a full foot long. He's perched in a menacing attack position, and has his mouth wide open, seemingly ready to take a chomp out of something. Place him in the basement and play an unforgettable prank on a family member, or add some flair to your desk at work around the Halloween season.

Realistic mouse skeleton measures about 11.5 inches including the tail. Natural bone color.