"Monster Boots - Men's/Black" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Monster Boots - Men's/Black" Halloween Costume Accessory

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An ungodly experiment that should have never been conducted, Dr. Frankenstein's latest endeavor was way too successful. Not only did the beast come alive, it displayed the ability to think and feel emotion. Unfortunately that emotion turned out to be anger, and the monster was able to think up terrifying ways to lash out at society. Listen for his big black boots clunking down the street. If you hear him coming, you best run for your life.

Put the finishing touches on a Hollywood-quality costume with the men's black Monster boots from The Horror Dome. These versatile fashion accessories are ideal for any Frankenstein costume, as well as a variety of other creepy characters. All-black platform style boots will add a few inches to your height. You'll feel like a tall, powerful monster when you wear these amazing shoes. Available in sizes men's small (8-9), medium(10-11) and large (12-13), most guys will find a comfortable fit.

It's true what they say, the shoe make the outfit. Suit up with these classic black boots, and enjoy an evening trick or treating with the family, or rocking out at the costume party.

Large fits sizes 12-13. Medium fits sizes 10-11. Small fits sizes 8-9. Side zipper.