"Meat Market - Leg" Bloody Human Body Part Prop

"Meat Market - Leg" Bloody Human Body Part Prop

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Human; it's what's for dinner. Got a family of cannibals to feed? Meat from mankind can be quite expensive. Take advantage of a sale on legs and have a huge feast on a budget. You'll find once you slow roast these sinewy limbs, the tough tendons and fibers break down into a sweet fatty delight. One leg is about 5-6 servings, based on how hungry your clan is. Shop the Cannibal Meat Market today, and save on tonight's meal.

The Meat Market leg Halloween Decoration is a ghastly cinema-quality prop that will turn the stomach of anyone who catches a glimpse. A highly detailed latex leg appears to be skinned and cleaned by a professional butcher. This severed limb sits in a styrofoam tray and is covered by clear cellophane wrap. It will look like it's fresh from the supermarket. Create a scene of carnivorous depravity, or place it in your freezer and wait for your roommate to discover it.

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