"Meat Market - Foot" Bloody Human Body Part Prop

"Meat Market - Foot" Bloody Human Body Part Prop

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Ahh, human meat. The forbidden flesh. Taking a chomp of your fellow homo sapiens is frowned upon by society, and for good reason. But once you get a taste for this banned beef, you'll never be able to get enough. Thankfully, you no longer have to stalk the streets at night and murder and butcher your own victim. The Cannibal Meat Market is now open for business.

With the Meat Market foot Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome, you'll have a gory, cinema-quality prop that will cause frightened friends and guests to gasp. A latex prop, this severed foot has been skinned and cleaned, and looks like it's ready to be roasted, braised, or boiled down into stock. This detailed human-size foot sits in a styrofoam tray and is covered by cellophane. It looks and feels like it's straight from the meat aisle at the supermarket. Chill it in your freezer for an added effect.

Whether you're running a professional haunted house, or just looking to set the mood for a spooky Halloween-themed cocktail hour, you'll find this ghastly severed and packaged foot gets the job done.