"Meat Market - Arm" Bloody Human Body Part Prop

"Meat Market - Arm" Bloody Human Body Part Prop

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There's a sale on prime human flesh at the Cannibal Meat Market, just in time for the holiday season. Stock up on our tasty limbs and thrown a festive feast that your friends and family will remember for years to come. Arms are full of tough tissue like tendons and muscle, so they need to be cooked slowly over low heat for a few hours. We recommend using a smoker until the juicy meat slips right off the bone. Bon appétit!

The Meat Market arm Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a freaky prop that will have your friends, family and visitors shrieking in morbid delight. This real-looking skinned latex arm sits in a styrofoam tray and is covered with cellophane. It looks and feels exactly like meat from your local supermarket. Chill it in the fridge to make it seem like it's fresh from the store.

Set up a cannibal's market scene in your professional haunted house, or add a unique new piece to your collection of macabre merchandise. Shop The Horror Dome for more severed body parts today.