"Male Serial Killer Face" Latex Halloween Mask

"Male Serial Killer Face" Mask

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When people start to go missing in a small sleepy town and dismembered limbs are found in the woods, it means one thing and one thing only; you've got a Serial Killer on your hands. No one knows exactly what drives this violent monster. Could be an evil curse, a tortured childhood, or a government mind control experiment gone awry. Whatever the cause, his killing rampage seems unstoppable. Watch your back this Halloween.

The Male Serial Killer latex face mask from The Horror Dome is a hand detailed design that will look shockingly realistic, especially in low light. It features a number of slash wounds, some of which have been stapled shut. It looks like a few of his victims put up a decent fight, but at the end of the day the Serial Killer always seems to get the job done and slip away into the night.

Wear this face mask with a black hoodie, skull cap, or style your own hair to look like a menacing maniac. It's easy to create a creepy character with this premium design. Freak out the neighbors, scare trick or treaters, or bust a move on the dance floor at the costume party with a Serial Killer mask.

Latex face mask. Individually hand painted for the most realistic look possible. One size fits most adults.