"Maggot Buffet" Zombie Halloween Mask

"Maggot Buffet" Mask

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When the undead uprising begins, it becomes quite clear who was cleaned up by a talented mortician, and who was simply stuffed in a plywood box and tossed in a shallow grave. Whoever prepared Maggot Buffet for burial didn't do a great job. They skimped on the embalming fluids, and buried him in a discount coffin with and ill-fitting lid. Flesh eating worms worked their way inside and began devouring his rotting noggin. Now he's been reanimated, he suffers from a gaping bug-covered head wound.

The Maggot Buffet Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is a remarkable, Hollywood-quality over the head design. When worn with a shirt or jacket, it will provide a seamless look. Hand detailed by talented, yet twisted artists and craftspeople, this creation features a bald dome with long, wiry hair draping down from the sides. Maggots seem to have eaten away at a chunk of his skull, an eye-socket, and various other places on his head. He has a gnarly mouth that looks like it could still do some serious damage, and wrinkled, dead leathery skin. It'll be a breeze to put together a horrifying Halloween costume with this mask.