"Lucky Leprechaun" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Try to steal his tempting treasure and end up as his next meal. For millennia, intrepid explorers have been lured into the Leprechaun's clutches by the promise of his mystical pot of gold. Seek this fiend's fortune and you will surely fall victim to the wrath of his ill-temper. Whether you encounter the devilish trickster who will leave you penniless and lost alone in the woods, or a murderous Lilliputian who will slit your throat before you know what hit you, your journey through the Leprechaun's forrest won't have a happy ending.

This high-quality Halloween mask from The Horror Dome brings to life a dark and depraved interpretation of this classic, spritely character. Featuring scary sharp teeth, crazed eyes, and a pork pie hat affixed with a four-leaf clover, this incredibly detailed creation will help you craft the perfect Halloween costume, or make a unique and interesting addition to your collection of macabre merchandise. Moldy green skin, a fiery red beard, and a pointy, menacing nose round out his dastardly look. A full over the head design that extends to your shoulders and chest, you'll have a realistic seamless fit when you wear a shirt or jacket.

Leprechaun Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Hand Laid Hair
  • Realistic Hair and Skin Tone

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