"Low Lying" Fog Machine

"Low Lying" Fog Machine

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Sometimes the unknown is scarier than any monster, ghoul, or specter. As you stroll through the graveyard at midnight, Low Lying fog covers the ground. You start to imagine a zombie's hand jetting out from the soil and grabbing you by the ankle. The vision is completely disturbing and petrifying. You turn and run for the gate. Taking a shortcut through the cemetery on a night like this doesn't seem like a good idea anymore.

With the Low Lying fog machine from The Horror Dome, you'll have the right special effect for a number of settings. Put down a dense layer of ground clinging smoke, and create a bone chilling graveyard, eerie swamp, or supernatural portal to the next dimension. Spray a burst of smoke before the alien spacecraft opens its doors, or make a mad scientist's lab come to life.

This incredible machine can be triggered remotely, so you can provide a burst of fog at exactly the right moment. These designs are great for rock concerts and bumping costume parties. Take home a professional-quality effect today. Everything looks a little creepier when it's covered with a layer of fog.

110v required. Must purchase ground fog juice separately.