"Lord Gruesome" Value Halloween Costume

"Lord Gruesome" Costume

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Something stinks in the marsh, and it's more than the muddy ground at low tide. The wealthy Lord's heirs couldn't wait for nature to take its tole, so they murdered him and dumped his body in the wetlands. Little did they know, as they were shedding crocodile tears and collecting their inheritance, the discarded body became overrun with a unique kind of bacteria. Soon, the mutilated master was reanimated as Lord Gruesome. Now he's set his sights on revenge. Create a strikingly freaky character with the Lord Gruesome Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. Wearing a decayed, rotting dark tunic, this undead brute looks like he's spent more than a few nights sleeping in the swamp. He's the perfect accompaniment to the Lady Gruesome costume, yet still looks ghastly and grotesque on his own. This incredible costume fits most adult men up to size 44.

Turn heads at the costume party, add a new character to your haunted house attraction, or terrify trick or treaters who dare approach your door with this one of a kind design.

Skull not included. Add your own pants! Standard fits up to size 44.