"Long and Sassy Blonde" Halloween Wig

"Long and Sassy Blonde" Halloween Wig

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A damsel in distress, a mischievous maiden, or a cruel killer? It's hard to get a read on this wily woman with Long and Sassy hair. She keeps you guessing, which means she's always in control. As the night nears the end, you wonder if there's romance in your future, or if you're about to meet a grisly demise.

The Long and Sassy wig from The Horror Dome features curly, back length blonde hair, with grown out, brunette roots. With this amazing Sassy Blonde wig, you can create a character with loads of attitude. Whether she's good, evil, or neutral is up to you.

Turn heads at the next costume party with an eye-catching dress, large statement jewelry, and this fabulous wig. Add a pair of thick framed oval sunglasses for a glamorous, movie star look, or wear overalls and a flannel shirt and go for a backwoods farm girl outfit.

This high-quality Blonde Hair with Roots wig is crafted with care by the talented artists at The Horror Dome. It's ideal for wear on Halloween, and parties all year round. Turn your personality up to 10 with this versatile costume accessory.