"Living Half Girl" Halloween Illusion Plans

"Living Half Girl" Halloween Illusion Plans

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Crushed in a terrible accident where two tractor trailer trucks sandwiched her economy car, paramedics at the scene thought this lady was surely a goner. Thanks to breakthroughs in modern medicine, doctors were able to repair her most serious injuries, and now she enjoys a rich and full life as the Living Half Girl. Losing her body from the hips down hasn't crushed her spirit. Step up and ask her a question!

With the Living Half Girl Illusion plans from The Horror Dome, you'll have the knowhow to pull off this classic magic trick. Spectators will think there's a real living half girl perched on a table. They'll delight in asking her questions and trying to figure out how the illusion is done. Think up a backstory that features a tragic accident and a medical miracle, or let the actor improv on the fly. These detailed blueprints explain the physics behind the illusion, and even contain notes on set design and performance.

Greet guests at your haunted house or freak show as a living half girl. They'll love interacting with you or an actor while they wait to enter your attraction.