"Liquid Latex - One Pint" Halloween Makeup / Accessory

"Liquid Latex - One Pint" Halloween Makeup / Accessory

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Whether you're an experienced makeup artist who has worked on plays, movies and other productions, or an amateur craftsperson who wants to experiment with a super versatile material, you'll find this cosmetic-grade Liquid Latex from The Horror Dome is exactly what you're looking for. With this easy to work with substance, the possibilities are almost endless. Take your makeup to the next level. Give it three dimensions of gore with this one pint bottle of latex liquid.

For creating a gnarly open wound with loose hanging skin flaps that move with your body, there's nothing like liquid latex. This amazing liquid rubber can also be used to create a parasite trying to break out of your skin, change the shape of your forehead, nose or ears, and give the impression that you're been impaled by an object. With this unique material, a little practice, and a lot of imagination, the sky is the limit.

Add new layers of disgustingness to your professional haunted house, make the neighborhood kids think twice about playing a Halloween trick on you, and give your home movie slasher flick big-budget looks with this adaptable liquid rubber.

Pint size portion of latex. Great for creating your own prosthetics or masks.