"Light Up Candelabra" Halloween Decoration

"Light Up Candelabra" Halloween Decoration

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You've often wondered why the sprawling estate on the hill outside of town has been abandoned for so long. The real estate agent seemed pretty dodgy about the most basic of questions, but for the price, it's definitely worth a look. She meets you at the gate, hands you the keys, and scurries off with one eye over her shoulder. As you enter the macabre mansion, you notice cobwebs hanging from the rafters and a dank moldy stench. Suddenly, a Candelabra seems to light itself at the end of the hallway. Driven y morbid curiosity, you creep forward...

The Lite Up Candelabra Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a pro-quality prop that will help you set a spooky scene at your costume party, cocktail hour, or haunted house attraction. This battery-powered, three candle design features a gothic skull motif that will cause your visitors to do a double take. Upon closer inspection, these white candles appear to be dripping blood.

Bring home an eerie centerpiece for Halloween dinner, put the finishing touches on your abandoned mansion, or add a detailed prop to your collection of haunt industry merchandise.

LED lights require 3 AAA batteries. Product Size: 14in(H) x7in(L) x4in(W).