"Bag of Bones - Large" Halloween Prop

"Bag of Bones - Large" Halloween Prop

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This bag of bones contains approximately 12 pounds of assorted 4th quality bones, made of durable plastic. This bag contains life-size skull, humerus, hand (on wire), hip bone and sacrum (tail bone). Also contains a foot, lower jaw, clavicle, ribs, vertebrae, arm and leg bones in various sizes from life-size to mini. The bottom two pictues above are a random large bag of bones. All bags contain what is listed above and the extra bones are never always going to be the same, but you always get a good assortment of bones.

These bones are great for Halloween, theater or film props and good for basic educational demonstration in anatomy. Made from a durable plastic resin, which can be painted, stained, sanded or drilled.

Note: These bones are 4th quality (factory second) and may have some minor imperfections such as slight discoloration, some unfinished areas, or have missing hardware. All sales of 4th quality goods are final. We will not accept returns.