"Jaw Breaker Zombie" HD Studios Pro Mask

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When this undead menace tried to take a chunk out of an all-star slugger, he had his jaw whacked into the grand stands. But it's true what they say, it's hard to keep a good zombie down. Back on his feet (though missing his jowl), The Jaw Breaker stumbles around the mostly-abandoned city, looking to feast on the last few packs of uninfected humans hiding fortified apartment buildings and subterranean bunkers. With one goo-filled eye, and a nose for warm blood, he's find a meal eventually. Your neighbors will think the apocalypse has begun when they see you wandering the streets in The Jaw Breaker Zombie Halloween mask from The Horror Dome. This unique design is perfect to wear as part of a zombie horde, or as a lone straggler, limping behind the pack due to his gruesome injury. Hand painted for a realistic look, this over the head mask provides a seamless fit when worn with a variety of tops.

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