"Jason - Deluxe / 2-in-1" Movie Halloween Mask

"Jason - Deluxe / 2-in-1" Mask

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After drowning in Crystal Lake due to the negligence of his camp counselors, Jason seemed committed to a watery grave. However, every time Friday the 13th rolls around, he rises from the deep to exact his revenge on anyone he can find. You picked the wrong weekend to vacation on the lake. Now the camp has been shuttered, he's looking for new prey.

Dress up as one of the all-time classic slasher movie bad-guys with the with the Jason deluxe Halloween mask from The Horror Dome. A 2-in1 design this set features an over the head mask that will give you a professional, seamless look when worn with a shirt or jacket, and a hard plastic hockey face guard. Terrorize the neighborhood with the hockey mask on, and remove it to reveal Jason's mangled, grey face.

Add a popular character to your haunted house attraction, turn heads at the costume party, or shoot your own home-movie version of Friday the 13th. Hand detailed by talented artists, this cinema-quality design deserves a spot in any collection of horror movie memorabilia. Bring home an iconic villain today.