"In-Bred Sideshow Freak" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Someone took the phrase "put your heads together" a little too literally. This two-faced In-Bred Sideshow Freak got tired of being mocked by curious gawkers. Now he's escaped from his cage and is full of malice and rage. After suffering decades of negligence and abuse by his captors, he's taking out his pent up aggression on anyone unlucky enough to cross his path. The freak show is all fun and games, until the freaks start to get their revenge. Two mouths mean double the chomping power, should you find yourself in his grasp.

A Horror Dome original, this In-Bred Sideshow Freak Halloween mask is manufactured from high-quality latex. Hand detailed by talented craftspeople, this over the head design will give you a Hollywood-ready look, right out of the box. Featuring two ferocious faces, scraggly white hair, a menacing expression and rows of crooked teeth, he'll strike fear into the hearts of the neighborhood trick or treaters, guests at your haunted house, or revelers at your costume party. Celebrating Halloween with a group of friends this year? He makes a great character for a twisted carnival or possessed freak show posse.

In-Bred Sideshow Freak Features:

  • Full Latex
  • Two Faces for Twice the Chills
  • Scraggly Hair and Broken Teeth

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