"Human Brain" Haunted House Prop

"Human Brain" Haunted House Prop

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Who knows what grisly fate became this unlucky bloke. His brain sits preserved in a jar of nauseating fluid, and his story remains untold. Like all the other body parts in the horrific hall of human organs, this brain was plucked from a healthy, young adult. The perfect specimen, this gruesome gob of grey matter is on display for all to enjoy.

Whether you're setting up a mad scientist's lab or wall of body parts at your haunted house, or just looking for an intriguing and rather shocking prop to get your home in the holiday spirit, you'll appreciate the stunningly realistic look of the Human Brain Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome. Plop this hunk of neurons on your porch and great trick or treaters with a disgusting sight. The boldest amongst them will definitely ask to touch it.

From demented doctors with morbid curiosity, to hungry zombies looking for their next meal, everyone seems to lose their mind over this creepy cerebrum. This prop features a blue/grey color and the ridged texture of a real brain. Bring home a disgusting new addition to your collection of macabre merchandise today.