"Howling Harry Painting" Haunted House Decoration

"Howling Harry Painting" Haunted House Decoration

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And on your left you'll notice a long hallway with portraits of every person to own this sprawling estate. They've mostly all been respectable titans of industry, forward-thinking bankers, and lucky stock brokers, with the exception of one. At the end of the hall, you'll notice a picture of Howling Harry, the werewolf aristocrat who once called this macabre mansion home. Legend says on the night of a full moon, you can still hear him howl.

The Howling Harry painting from The Horror Dome is hand painted and intricately detailed. It's a unique piece of ghoulish art that will make the perfect Halloween decoration for your home or place of business. Start a gallery of possessed paintings at your haunted house attraction, or create a terrifying tale about this dapper wolf-man, and have a costumed actor jump out at your guests at exactly the right time.

Harry has a violent, attack look on his face. He is showing off his impressive fangs, and ready to strike out at the viewer. In fact, you might not feel comfortable turning your back on him.

Portrait is hand painted for the most realistic look possible. Paintings measure 24in x 36in. CUSTOM FRAME. MOUNTED - READY TO HANG!!