"Horrific Death Hands" Halloween Costume Gloves

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Now breaking: A ghastly scene at city cemeteries as the zombie apocalypse has begun. Thousands of dead, in various states of decay have risen from their graves and now stalk the land. Officials advise everyone to shelter in place, fortify their front doors, and hunker down in a centrally located room. As you hear the news crackle over your disaster radio, your notice a pounding at the door. As it is slowly pried open, you catch a glimpse of Horrific Death Hands. Horrific Death Hands will be part of an amazing Halloween costume. These adaptable hands fit with any zombie, ghoul, werewolf or vampire outfit. Designed and detailed by the twisted artists at The Horror Dome, they feature menacing black fingernails and torn-up leathery skin that exposes muscle tissue and bone. There's nothing more frightening than seeing one of these perilous paws reaching through the door. Complete a professional-quality look with these terrifying props.