"Heather's Nightmare" Latex Clown Halloween Mask

"Heather's Nightmare" Mask

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When Heather tries to sleep, her mind starts to wander. She dreams of a murderous madman stalker. He steals her away, not a trace to be found, and devours her with friends; a wicked troupe of clowns. Jolted by the ghastly images, she awakens in a cold sweat. Just a dream, she thinks, phew. As she reaches for a drink of water she notices, to her horror, a single red clown nose, placed precariously on the nightstand.

The Heather's Nightmare Halloween mask is truly a sight to behold. Hand detailed by the twisted, yet talented artists at The Horror Dome, this unique design features a maniacal clown face, with a menacing, toothy grin. The top of his dome is sliced away to reveal a blueish-grey chunk of brains. Mutilated, angry, and pleased by nothing more than other people's pain, you're sure to turn heads at the next costume party with this over the head mask.

Create a new narrative for your haunted house that centers on a demented bigtop full of evil clowns, or send shivers down the spines of the local trick or treaters with the Heather's Nightmare mask.