"Head Pile" Severed Head Props Set

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For years, townspeople have gone missing without a trace. On nights like tonight, when a full moon hangs over the moors, and a dense fog obscures the valley, men, women and children have suddenly disappeared from their beds. Stolen by a slave trader, murdered by a serial killer, or tempted by the dark magic of the occult, these citizens seem to have completely vanished. As you explore a secret chamber in the abandoned mansion on the hill, you discover the grisly truth. These unfortunate souls have been held captive, tortured, and eventually beheaded.

Set a ghastly scene at your haunted house attraction with the Head Pile Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome. Each unique design features 7-8 severed heads that are hand detailed by talented and twisted artists; a final expression of terror preserved on their murdered mugs. Hauntingly realistic these decapitated heads are covered in dead-looking pale skin and dripping with blood and entrails.

Tuck this high-quality prop in a dark corner and illuminate it with a strobe light and a burst of fog when your visitors least expect it. You'll give them an unforgettable fright that will induce nightmares for weeks to come.