"Hangman" Halloween Illusion Plans

"Hangman" Halloween Illusion Plans

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Looking for a new trick for our magic routine? Take home these detailed plans, and wow your audience with a classic stunt that has been puzzling the public for generations. The Hangman Illusion makes it look like you've hung yourself from a noose. As your audience gasps, you can remove the noose and gently coast back down to the ground. The steps to pulling off this trick have been a closely guarded trade secret for decades, until now.

The Hangman Illusion Blueprints from The Horror Dome are comprehensive instructions that will help you construct the props you need, and teach you how to perform, this amazing magic trick. With these plans, you'll have everything from an outline of the actual illusion, to time-tested step-by-step performance notes. With hard work and practice, you'll soon be mesmerizing your audience with this famous routine.

Whether you're a professional magician, or running a haunted house attraction, you'll find the Hangman's Illusion is an absolute show-stopper. Make your guests think they are actually witnessing real supernatural powers in action as you float from the noose. It's a sight they won't soon forget.