"Groundbreaker Zombie w LED Eyes" Graveyard Halloween Prop

"Groundbreaker Zombie w LED Eyes" Graveyard Halloween Prop

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Buried in his favorite business suit, the Groundbreaker Zombie claws his way out of the earth on the first day of the undead uprising. Needless to say, this brutish bloke hasn't had a snack in awhile. Now, he's digging himself up with one goal in mind. He's after a nice meal of warm, fresh, human flesh. You hope and pray that he's an isolated incident, but your gut feeling tells you the apocalypse has finally begun.

The Groundbreaker Zombie Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome features motorized arms and eerie light-up LED eyes. Crafted by talented, yet twisted artists and designers, this cinema-quality prop will help make your zombie apocalypse scene come to life. With a bald dome, straight black tie, suit and jacket, this fellow might have been quite fashionable before he passed.

Create a cemetery with a blend of animatronic props and live actors, and horrify guests at your professional haunted house attraction. Battery-powered, this electric decoration can be set up almost anywhere. Place him on the ground near a real graveyard, and freak out passengers on the spooky hayride, or put him in your front yard to show off your holiday spirit.

Groundbreaker Zombie animated, Head turns and Eyes light up, requires 3 AA batteries ( not included ) Size: L27" X W53" X T8"