"Ground Fogger" Low Lying Fog Machine Juice

"Ground Fogger" Low Lying Fog Machine Juice

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Stepping into an abandoned building, said to be the site of a ghastly murder, you notice a thick grey fog covering the floor. Suddenly, an eerie glow shines through the crack beneath the door. What lies inside this intimidating chamber? The untamed spiritual energy of tortured souls? A rift in time and space that allows direct access to the underworld? Or simply a half-busted strand of Christmas lights, left there as a prank? Your insatiable curiosity takes ahold of you, and you decide to enter.

Sometimes, it's the things you don't see that are most scary. With Low Lying fog juice from The Horror Dome, and a premium fog machine, you can set a mysterious scene that will tempt your guests' own imaginations to fill in the haunting details. This professional-quality fog machine liquid will create dense cloud that spreads out over the ground. The effect is similar to the natural fog that rises off a dank swamp on a cool summer night. From rock concerts to haunted houses and raging costume parties, a little fog goes a long way. Shop today and make sure you have enough fog juice to get your through the night.

Fog juice used specifically for the ground fogger. 1 gallon size.