"Ground Breaker Zombie" Halloween Mask

"Ground Breaker Zombie" Mask

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Death and decay have been kinder to some zombies, that's for sure. The Ground Breaker Zombie must have been six feet under for decades, because there's not much left of him other than patches of skin that has basically become human leather, sitting on rotted bones. Being buried for all these years, he's definitely worked up quite the appetite. Now he's at the front of the horde, looking to make the first kill of the day.

Turn heads at the costume party or freak out local kids with the Ground Breaker Zombie Halloween mask from The Horror Dome. This Hollywood-quality design is hand detailed by talented artists and craftspeople. A full, over the head mask, it's made from premium latex and looks shockingly real. Bits of skeleton show through chunks of old, dead skin, while a menacing, hungry mouth rounds out the look. Darkened eye sockets will look gouged out and empty in low light. Add a new character to the undead room at your haunted house attraction, or send shivers down the spine of riders on the spooky hayride. This grotesque goon is sure to induce nightmares in all who cross his path.