"Grim Reaper" Value Halloween Costume (Adult Size)

"Grim Reaper" Costume (Adult Size)

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There are only two things you can count on in life; death and taxes. You may cross the IRS several times in your lifespan, but with the old Grim Reaper, you'll only have one fatal encounter. Be careful on that late night drive home, watch your back as you walk through town. Stay safe on the job, and remember to eat your fruits and vegetables. With a little luck, you can put off your meeting with Death for a few extra years.

The Grim Reaper Halloween costume from The Horror Dome features a full body long black robe and an oversized hood. Classic drop sleeves add to the bone-chilling appearance of this robe. Designed to fit adults sizes 42-46, this instantly recognizable costume will be a hit at the next masquerade ball. Play a great practical joke on your older friends, trick or treat with the family on Halloween, or add an iconic character to your haunted house attraction. This fine black robe is also perfect for a number of dark priest looks. Perform a pagan sacrifice in style with one of these versatile robes.

One size fits sizes 42-46.