"Grim Reaper Latex Hands" Halloween Costume Gloves

"Grim Reaper Latex Hands" Halloween Costume Gloves

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You can't cheat death forever. After attempting to jump your motorcycle over a record 22 school buses, something seems terribly off. All of a sudden you're standing near the landing ramp and no one else is around. You have the vague sense of commotion happening close by, but it seems to be coming from another dimension. You realize you didn't survive the jump as you feel Grim Reaper hands tighten around your neck. Soon, you are dragged down into the realm of the dead.

Complete an amazing costume this year with the latex Grim Reaper hands from The Horror Dome. These brilliant, Hollywood-quality designs offer a decent amount of dexterity. They feature long boney fingers and decayed cloth gloves. Wear them with a long black shroud and obscure your face, or rock a classic skeleton mask.

Add a new character to your professional haunted house attraction or create an unforgettable costume for trick or treating with the family. Grim Reaper latex hands are also perfect for any skeleton costume, and a number of demonic or evil imp looks. Discover a well-made costume accessory today.