"Grey Werewolf Feet Shoe Covers" Halloween Costume Accessory

"Grey Werewolf Feet Shoe Covers" Halloween Costume Accessory

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You've heard warnings about camping in these dark woods on the night of a full moon, but they are so naturally beautiful that you couldn't resist. Besides, the wolf-man is just a legend anyway, right? As you slumber in your tiny tent, you are awakened by a faint rustling. You slowly unzip the front door, and see, standing right in front of your tent, a Grey Werewolf foot. You realize camping in this forest was a terrible decision as the brutish beast lunges upon your frail frame.

The Grey Werewolf shoe covers from The Horror Dome will put the finishing touches on a fantastic wolf-man costume this Halloween. One size fits most adults, these costume accessories attach around the ankle with high-quality velcro and make your feet look just like a moon howlin' monster. They feature tufts of faux-fur, boney feet, and toenails that appear sharp and menacing.

Create an unforgettable Halloween costume or add a vicious new character to your haunted house. These fantastic werewolf feet will be the final detail on an impressive look. Freak out your neighbors with a ghastly mask, a great costume, and boot covers from The Horror Dome.