"Gothic Vampiress" Bloody Severed Head Halloween Prop

"Gothic Vampiress" Bloody Severed Head Halloween Prop

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Off with the head of the living undead. It's hard to keep a good vamp down, but separating the noggin from the torso will surely get the job done. Now, the Gothic Vampiress sits preserved in a hall of severed heads, next to other beasts, demons and monsters. Don't look too deeply into her eyes. Though she's been dead for decades, they say she still has the power to corrupt your soul.

The Gothic Vampiress head Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is hand detailed by twisted, yet talented artists for an incredibly realistic look. She features pale blue-grey skin, and long white hair. Huge vampire fangs make her appearance utterly terrifying, and pointy imp ears round out the look.

Add her to your collection of macabre merchandise, or create a hall of monster specimens in the entranceway to your haunted house attraction. The Gothic Vampire head will get your house in the spirit for the big costume party, or make your bar the place to be for Halloween happy hour. Bring home a shockingly realistic creation today, and induce nightmares in your friends, visitors and patrons.