"Ghost Bust - Switch Mat Trigger" Haunted Projection Accessory

"Ghost Bust - Switch Mat Trigger" Haunted Projection Accessory

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A great haunted house is full of surprises. Knowing that something is lurking around every corner, guests are filled with anticipation and dread just thinking about what they may encounter. If your attraction uses animatronics, you know that timing is everything. Ideally, they need to be triggered when your visitors are in exactly the right place for maximum fright. However, this can be difficult, because people tend to move through your attraction a different speeds.

With the Ghost Bust switch mat from The Horror Dome, you have the perfect solution. Simply tuck this pressure activated pad under a throw rug. When an unsuspecting guest steps on the mat, BOOM, the animatronic springs into life. Made from high-quality materials and designed to work with a number of effects, this incredible switching mat can trigger everything from a subtle burst of air, to a strobe light, fog machine, or any number of vicious ghouls and ghosts.

Set up a brilliant practical joke in your basement and freak out your family for Halloween, or add a new fright to your professional haunted house with this premium animatronic trigger device.

Switch Mat (18x 24", Normally Open)