"Ghost Bust Pro - Startle Bites" Animated Haunted Projection Prop

"Ghost Bust Pro - Startle Bites" Animated Haunted Projection Prop

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As you step through the corridors of this evil estate, you start to wonder if all the rumors are false. Sure, it's old, abandoned and run down. Dark and dank, crawling with spiders, it's a scary place, no doubt. But is it truly haunted? Just when you begin to get a little too comfortable with your surroundings, a ghost attacks seemingly out of nowhere. Your bravery suddenly tested, you start looking for a way out. Of course, by now, it's too late.

The Ghost Bust Pro Startle Bites projection effect from The Horror Dome will bring some big budget fright to your haunted house attraction. This high-quality rig comes with a life size bust, a sturdy mount, a 2500 lumen projector, and the Startle Bites routine. This short and shocking routine is best played when your visitors least expect it. Hide the bust in a dark corner and wait for a guest to wander by. Trigger the effect with a motion sensor or the included remote. You'll cause them to leap in the air with fright when they encounter this unexpected scare.

Includes life-size bust, one routine (Startle Bites), 2500 lumens projector, professional mount, and a projector remote control for easy setup and operation!