"Ghost Bust - Motion Control Sensor" Haunted Projection Accessory

"Ghost Bust - Motion Control Sensor" Haunted Projection Accessory

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You wander through a darkened hallway in a dirty old mansion. Under your feet, the ancient floorboards creak and squeak. You hear a chilly wind blow through decaying walls, and detect a moldy musk sifting through the air. Is this place really haunted? Scary, sure, but will you actually encounter any paranormal activity? All of a sudden you take one step too far, and a bone-chilling apparition pops up out of nowhere. With a blood-curdling shriek and a disorienting strobe effect, the sight of this ghostly demon is burned into your memory.

When you're putting together the ultimate fright, timing is everything. With the Ghost Bust motion control sensor from The Horror Dome, you'll have a high-tech way to trigger your animatronics at exactly the right time. Set up an uneventful hall, and lull your guests into a sense of safety before your most gruesome ghoul attacks. Or set up a sequence of animatronics, one more terrifying than the next. Place your props, sensors, and decorations in exactly the right spots, and create a mesmerizing, nightmare-inducing experience.

Allows Ghost Bust to be activated by motion!