"Ghost Bust - Fright Before Christmas" Animated Haunted Projection Prop

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Have yourself an eerie, eerie Christmas with friends, family, and a host of creepy ghouls and ghosts. After the Halloween season attendance at your haunted house attraction may slump. With a wicked winter holiday scene, you can increase revenue and interest, while treating repeat customers to a new an exciting experience. The Fright Before Christmas Ghost Bust Pro talking bust from The Horror Dome is the perfect prop to get you started.

Ghost Bust Pro talking busts feature a life size head and use a projector to display an animated image. The result is an supernatural looking effect that will enthrall your guests. The Fright Before Christmas bust comes with a delightfully dreadful routine that tells a tale of evil spirits haunting, casting spells, and doing other nefarious deeds. Sung to the tune of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, it will instantly get stuck in your guests' heads.

Welcome patrons to your new winter nightmare experience with this talking Ghost Bust. It's the ideal prop to warm up the crowd before they enter. Spread a little season's fear with this amazing effect.

Includes life-size bust, one routine (Fright Before Christmas), 2500 lumens projector, professional mount, and a projector remote control for easy setup and operation!