"Gargoyle Statue" Halloween Decoration - 5 Feet Tall

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Sculpted to protect the cathedral against evil spirits, and demon has possessed this stone sentinel. Now the townspeople shelter in their homes with night falls, lest they become a midnight snack of the Gargoyle. If you see his bat-like outline swoop across the face of a pale moon, it's probably already too late. With pulsating red eyes, he has no trouble locating prey in the darkness. Please don't tempt fate. Whatever you need can wait till morning. This 5 Foot Tall Gargoyle Statue Halloween decoration is an impressive work of art, detailed and crafted by the talented designers at The Horror Dome. A movie-quality prop, his light up eyes will look amazing from the end of a dimly lit, fog filled hallway. Gargoyles provide a classic fright, and have been part of macabre tales and haunted houses for generations. This incredible statue is also a great way to draw attention to your business during the Halloween season.