FULCI Halloween Mask

"Fulci Zombie" Movie Halloween Mask

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From the shores of a distant island to the streets of Manhattan, this Zombie is quite the world traveler. Unfortunately, he's spreading more than just a few tourist dollars around. Discovered floating in New York harbor on an abandoned boat, he made quick work of the police officers who boarded his craft. Now, he's infected a new continent with a horrible Zombie virus.

The Fulci Zombie Halloween mask is based on the main monster from the Lucio Fulci classic, Zombi 2. Intricately hand detailed by talented and twisted artists at The Horror Dome, this over the head design is a cinema-quality mask that will look like it was swiped out of the costume trailer on a professional shoot.

Whether you're a film of 1970's Italian zombie films, or just love a unique and ghastly mask, you'll find this design is perfect for any collection of macabre merchandise. Create a new character based on a groundbreaking horror film and terrorize guests at your haunted house, or scare the heck out of the local trick or treaters on Halloween.