"Freaky Fabric" Haunted House Decoration

"Freaky Fabric" Haunted House Decoration

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No one has been in this abandoned wing of the mansion since the ritual group suicide of secret cult members some ten years ago. It would seem they took the secrets of their dark art with them to the grave, but as you wander these moldy halls, you realize the underworld may not be that far away. Entering the master bedroom where the act took place, you notice decaying strands of fabric hanging from the ceiling, candles long since melted into discs of wax on the floor, empty pill containers, and dark red blood stains. It's a vision you'll never completely remove from your mind.

Set a horrifying scene in your haunted house attraction, or get your home decked out for a raging costume party with the Freaky Fabric Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome. This distressed-style gauze looks like it's been hanging around for years, right out of the box. A spool of this Hollywood-quality set decoration provides a whopping 168 square feet of cloth (2' x 84'), enough to take a normal-looking room to a supernatural level in no time. Don't spare any details while you decorate this season. Give your guests an unforgettable experience with this amazing Freaky Fabric.

2 feet wide x 84 feet long.