"Frankenstein's Monster" 16 Foot Tall Airblown Inflatable Halloween Decoration

"Frankenstein's Monster" 16 Foot Tall Airblown Inflatable Halloween Decoration

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It's ALIVE! Resulting from countless wicked experiments of famed mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein, this lumbering goon has been brought back from the dead. With a mind heavily damaged from days as a deceased, he knows only destruction and death. This large-than-life 16' Tall Airblown Monster will tower over curious onlookers. Whether you're looking to attract attention for your storefront, sponsoring a special event for a local organization, or creating a fun and frightening haunted house, this gigantic fellow is certain to leave a lasting impression. The sheer size and stature of this Airblown monster is enough to induce nightmares. Featuring an expression that indicates an irrational anger towards humankind and an insatiable bloodlust, he clearly lacks any semblance of a soul. Made from high-quality materials, this gargantuan character won't soon be forgotten by all who cross his path. Show the neighborhood that you've got Halloween spirit with an large inflatable decoration.

16 Foot Tall Airblown Monster Features:

  • 16 feet tall
  • Fully Inflatable
  • Includes character and blower for easy set up

The 16 foot tall airblown monster is an inflatable offered by the experts at the Horror Dome!