"Frankenstein Grave Walker" Graveyard Halloween Prop

"Frankenstein Grave Walker" Graveyard Halloween Prop

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We thought Frankenstein's Monster was killed by the townspeople and buried six feet under in the local cemetery. Looks like six feet of soil wasn't enough to keep this brute down. Reanimated by a supernatural spell, Frankie has dug his way out of the grave and is ready for another round of destruction in the nearby village. You better flee the scene before he completely frees himself. He'd love to crush your spine with his gigantic paws.

The Frankenstein Grave Walker from The Horror Dome is an amazing Halloween decoration that will get your front lawn in the holiday spirit. Set up a tombstone and place this prop in front. It will look as if this once-deceased monster is crawling out of the ground. Hand detailed by talented, yet twisted artists, this cinema-quality prop will turn heads. You'll find your neighbors posing for selfies with the Frankenstein Grave Walker in the background. Set up a fun Hollywood monster-themed graveyard scene at your haunted house attraction, and treat modern audiences to a dose of classic fright. Kids and adults will love this barbaric goon.

11 inches high,32 inches long, 23 inches wide when assembled.