"Fog Machine Timer - Effects Controller" Special Effects Accessory

"Fog Machine Timer - Effects Controller" Special Effects Accessory

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As you trek through the mystical and murky stone passageways under the evil castle, notice a foul smell in the air. Could it be a demon? An orc or goblin? Suddenly, the ground is covered in a mysterious haze, and you notice a faint glow emanating from the crack below a dungeon door. Do you have the guts to swing it open and see what's on the other side?

With the Deluxe Fog Timer from The Horror Dome, you'll make sure your guests get the best possible experience at your haunted house. Fog is a simple special effect that distorts the senses and adds an eerie component to any freakish scene. From a dank swamp to an underground lair, an alien landing site, or a mad scientist's lab, a correctly timed burst of fog can make all the difference.

This incredible device allows you to program your fog machine to activate at regular intervals, control the duration of each interval, trigger timed bursts manually, and much more. Fine tune your attraction and you'll give your customers the fright of a lifetime. This amazing device is also great for concerts and parties.

Multi-function timer remote. Timer functions: Duration of fog, Interval between fog, Continuous, Manual operation. ( Timer Styles May Vary )