"Fog Juice - 1 Gallon Jug" Special Effects Accessory

"Fog Juice - 1 Gallon Jug" Special Effects Accessory

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As you wander deeper into the abandoned dungeon, you start to wonder what kind of depraved acts of the occult took place here. You notice rusty shackles on the wall where tortured prisoners once hanged. An eerie mist covers the ground and makes you feel like some dark spiritual energy is still very much alive down here. Have you made a mistake by exploring these wretched ruins? Perhaps you're about to awaken an evil force that's been lying dormant for centuries.

Set the perfect scene in your haunted house with Fog Juice from The Horror Dome. These one gallon jugs will provide hours of special effects. Spray some low-lying mist across the floor to add an otherworldly atmosphere to the room, or fire off a burst of fog as you trigger a strobe light and create a disorienting effect that will cause your guests to scream at the top of their lungs. Perfect for smaller scenes, this fog disperses fairly quickly.

Don't run out of fog liquid when you need it most. Stock up on gallon jugs from The Horror Dome and keep the terror going, deep into the night. This pro-quality fog juice is also great for concerts and parties.

128 fl oz jug.